On 18th/03/2019 a total of 11 Motorcycles and 1 Double cabin from the Ministry of Agriculture were handed over to the district agricultural extension workers.

The Kisoro District RDC Capt Mugisha Peter who presided over the function requested the extension workers to reach and educate every farmer so that Kisoro can record better standards of living through agriculture. The RDC noted that very few people in Kisoro have got knowledge to do with livestock farming requesting veterinary officers to identify those farmers so that they can be guided. He noted that the president in very serious on the youth developments and that is why he introduced vey many youth programs saying youth should be the number one beneficiaries of all the enterprises.
Kisoro District CAO Mr. Sulaiman Kasozi cautioned the officers who took the motorcycles to take care of them saying if any gets lost they will be held responsible. The CAO also requested the extension workers to increase the supervision on farmers and make sure they give them technical knowledge.Kasozi also requested the District Production Management officer to supervise his staff since he also received a strong double cabin Vehicle.
The District LCV Chairman Mr. Abel Bizimana praised the government that introduced commercial farming saying the district is going to register change in production .The district chairman advised agricultural extension staff to make sure they teach farmers how to protect hills.Bizimana added his voice to the CAOs saying he will not tolerate any officer who will not take care of government property requesting them to guard them jealously.
Out of 11 motorcycles one was handed over to the Municipality, ten to the local government agricultural extension workers and a Double cabin Car was handed over to the DPMO.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019