The UNHCR Dep.Country representative Ms Bridget, noted that she was happy to handover the building that was built by UNHCR to the both the district and sub county leadership a project of 129m. In her communication she said that Kisoro is seen by UNHCR as their strategic place in receiving asylum seekers. She told people who were present on the function that Uganda hosts a bigger number of refugees in Africa and they are very grateful for that. She praised Kisoro district for being hospitable in providing asylum, protection among others whereas UNHCR come in to advise on how the refugees are taken care of. Anyone can be a refugee she emphasized that’s why everyone should be hospitable and Kisoro as a district demonstrates it.
The contractor noted that he had a lot of challenges ranging from the bad sight but he thanked God that it came to pass.
The LCIII Nyakabande Sub County Mr Ntawera Funi was proud to note that he is the only LCIII chairperson in the whole district to have the best office and him together with his staff were going to utilize the building for the good of the citizens. He thanked UNHCR for considering the host sub county always together with other partners who are cooperative. He thanked the contractor for finally finishing the building and congratulated him upon handing it over. He requested UNHCR to consider Nyakabande Community secondary school that was started by the Sub county leadership to have structures and other requirements.
CAO Mr Onzu Ismal Mussa thanked UNHCR for the initiative it took to make sure there is standard in work while the construction was going on. He reminded the Leadership of the Sub County including the Technical staff that the standard of the building should come with the standard of the services and anyone who is not in position to work should give space to those who are ready to work.
LCV Chairperson Mr.Abel Bizimana in his remarks noted that Kisoro district is a friend to UNHCR and other Humanitarian agents and working with organized agents coordinated by OPM is the best thing one can feel.Bizimana applauded the LCIII Nyakabande and the entire leadership of the Sub County for receiving and treating refugees with dignity. He asked UNHCR to help Kisoro District politicians to secure DRDIP so that it can come to Kisoro.He noted that since Nyakabande Health Centre II was elevated to Health Centre III by ministry of Health, plans should be made to have OPD,Theatre among others. He also congratulated the contractor for handing over the building.

Friday, January 28, 2022